MAY - The idea for "Evolution of Murcielago" is conceived.

EARLY JUNE - The first teaser trailer is made.

MID JUNE - The second teaser trailer is made

JUNE 20 - Teaser Trailer #1 is uploaded to www.youtube.com/wrfilmshd.

AUGUST 6 - Teaser Trailer #2 is uploaded to same location.

SEPTEMBER 20 - The countdown is added to the homepage.

OCTOBER 3 - The full length trailer is made.

OCTOBER 21 - The full length trailer is uploaded.


MARCH 28 - New logo's are made and put on the site, plus, a new countdown has been added.

EARLY APRIL - The film was made.

MID APRIL - Promotions for the film all over WR Films sites.

APRIL 27 - The epic film was released on YouTube and viewable on WR Films|2.0 and this site. We had a slight delay due to publishing problems and sadly the movie is not in HD. A sequel is most likely not coming, as the Lamborghini Murcielago is pretty much ended. Thanks for watching the greatest film from WR Films|2.0, EVER!

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